Pathways Into Music Seminars

CPD training for music teachers and education leaders

Pathways Into Music seeks to build closer links between music education and the music industry, while also encouraging and enabling the inclusion of creative entrepreneurship in music education programmes.

The Pathways Into Music seminars are aimed at music teachers at all levels; instrument tutors; music hub employees; anyone with a music education or talent development role; and anyone in music education or the music industry interested in our research work.

Across the programme, the seminars map out music careers and the music industry, and identify the industry knowledge and entrepreneurial skills young music makers need, and how educators can help provide them.

There are six seminars in total, split into two series of three. We’ll be announcing dates for each series very soon.

We can also run these seminars in-person for individual schools, colleges, universities, education hubs and other education companies or organisations. To discuss booking seminars in this way email insights@unlimitedmedia.co.uk.

We’ll be announcing new dates for series one very soon!

01: What does a music career look like?
This first seminar outlines the career of a frontline artist in ten steps from rehearsal room to stadium shows. It looks at what happens at each stage of the journey and what factors help artists progress from step to step. It then considers what knowledge and information artists need at the outset to equip them for the pathway ahead.

02: How do artists get started?
This second seminar puts the spotlight on the first three stages of the pathway into music. It looks at what support is available for new talent in the early stages and then provides a practical check list for those supporting early-career artists, allowing educators and mentors to provide more structured advice on how to get an artist business started.

03: What does the music industry look like?
This third seminar puts the focus on stages four to seven of the pathway into music, when the traditional music industry gets involved. It introduces the key business partners any artist works with, explains what each partner does and how they will get involved in any one artist’s career. It also provides a map for educators and mentors to help them navigate the music industry both nationally and locally.

We’ll be announcing new dates for series two very soon!

01: Understanding Music Rights
This fourth seminar explains what early-career music makers need to know about the copyright in songs, recordings and visual assets. 

02: Understanding Digital Music
This fifth seminar explains what early-career music makers need to know about the digital music market, how to get their music streaming, and what to do with the data that comes back from the digital platforms.

03: Understanding The Fan Relationship
This final seminar expands on the concept of the fan relationship, providing practical advice on fanbase building, and some tips on how to get more from the direct-to-fan relationship.