Music Industry Mapping

Mapping local music industries in the UK and beyond

We are currently developing a map of the wider music industry and will then partner with organisations around the UK – and beyond – to develop a series local music industry maps, identifying and connecting the music industry in each featured region.

Our top-level music industry map splits the people and companies that support and work with artists and musician into six key areas.

This map will help people to navigate and understand the music industry at a global, national and local level. We will then apply our top-level map to each featured region.

We are currently piloting this process in Northern Ireland with the support of Help Musicians NI. This pilot project has enabled us to develop the top-level map and to understand how to apply it so to map a local music industry.

The outputs of this ground-breaking work will help inform the development of the music economy in Northern Ireland as well as providing a platform for undertaking and sharing future mapping work.

By mapping each local music industry, we can help those making and working in music in each region better connect and collaborate, allowing more joined-up thinking within each local music community, and between each region.

Each local music industry map will also help young artists – and the people educating and advising those young artists – to better connect with the local industry, and to access the relevant knowledge, contacts and support that is on their door-step.

The mapping process will also help identify where there are gaps in the local industry that may put music-makers in the area at a disadvantage and lead to talent gravitating to the big music industry centres like London.

Identifying these gaps will help inform government, educational institutions and the industry as they look to develop each local creative economy.


1. We will publish a series of Pathway Into Music guides to help people navigate and understand the music industry on a global, national and local level.

2. We will assess industry on a region-by-region basis to identify gaps and advise government, industry and funders on what their priorities might be.

3. We will work with each local music industry, helping them utilise our mapping work to develop local industry networks and events, and to build stronger links with music educators and music education hubs in their area.

4. This work can then be extended to encourage the creation of local music offices that formalise, support and enhance each local network.

5. We will ultimately create a music industry database for each featured region that will link together to create a national and ultimately international network. This will allow artists, music business professionals, music companies, music educators and government to fully understand each local music industry and how they connect around the world.

We are currently looking for companies and organisations interested in supporting this research work by providing insights, data, audience or funding. To discuss supporting this work call 020 7099 9050 or email