Music + Education at The Great Escape

A full day conference strand curated by CMU and Pathways Into Music

A full day of talks, discussions, case studies and insights on music and education curated by CMU and the Pathways Into Music Foundation as part of The Great Escape festival in Brighton – on Wednesday 10 May 2023.

CMU and The Great Escape will once again bring together music educators and the music industry to put the spotlight on the best ways to support future music talent, both on-stage and behind the scenes.

What respective role do educators and the industry play in providing the knowledge, skills and opportunities that people need to build sustainable and successful careers in music?

How can we effectively equip musicians and creators with a framework that encourages creative entrepreneurship and helps them to develop the skills they need to succeed – whether as frontline artists with their own artist businesses or portfolio musicians and creators selling their skills and expertise to the industry, media, brands and beyond?

And what do current and future music industry leaders – executives and entrepreneurs – need to know to pursue successful careers in the business, to help teams thrive, and to shape the future of the ever-changing music sector?

• What knowledge and skills do people need to build a fulfilling career in the music industry? Employers and entrepreneurs from across the sector – including labels, publishers, managers, promoters and agents – will identify what aspiring music people need to know, and discuss with music educators – both formal and informal – about how to make sure that knowledge is accessible to everyone.

• What does music business education look like in 2023? We’ll hear from the people shaping and delivering music business education in colleges and universities, and from within the industry, and hear how they identify priorities, evolve their curriculums, and interact with and involve the music industry and learners themselves.

• How will the new national plan for music education in England impact on the way music is taught in and around schools? How can established music-makers and music industry leaders inform and support the music classes and activities experienced by young people? And how can industry and educators work together to deliver the future skills the industry needs?

• What new learning methods and platforms online are educating and inspiring the next generation of music industry talent? We’ll look at how music-makers and those who work in the industry – or want to work in the industry – are interacting with content, contemporaries and collaborators on and offline, and how that is shaping new models for learning.

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