The Fanbase Builder Programme

A professional development programme from Help Musicians and Pathways Into Music

Take your music career to the next level and grow your fanbase with the Fanbase Builder Programme from CMU’s Pathways Into Music Foundation and Help Musicians – launching in Northern Ireland in summer 2021.

This ten-week professional development programme will provide fifteen early-career artists from Northern Ireland with a series of practical online and in-person workshops that explain how frontline artists go about building a business around their music-making, with practical advice on how to effectively release tracks and grow a fanbase.

Each participating artist will also undertake a fanbase building project during the programme, most likely linked to a new release.

With support and advice from a team of music industry experts and a bursary of £500 to spend on the project, artists will identify measurable objectives and a marketing strategy for their campaign, implement that plan and – in the process – grow their fanbase and take their music career to the next level.

Applications are currently open for the first Fanbase Builder Programme, which will take place in Northern Ireland from June 2021.

If you are an early-career artist based in Northern Ireland – either entirely self-managed or working primarily with a team of early-career music industry people – then you are eligible to apply. Preference will be given to artists earlier on in the fanbase building process and who are yet to receive significant investments from third parties.

Thanks to the generous support of Help Musicians, there is no cost to participating in this programme and you will receive a bursary of £500 for your fanbase building project. You will have to commit to attend the workshops, to submit a project proposal and deliver that project according to the plan you agree with our music industry experts.

The aim of this programme is to help you progress your career, to start building a business around your music-making, and to grow your fanbase. You will also receive practical advice on how to continue that professional development beyond the programme itself.

The programme is open to any early-career artist, band or group based in Northern Ireland. We are looking to support a diverse range of music-makers making a diverse mix of music. For bands and groups, you will elect one member to lead on the project.