Music Education Conference

Connecting music educators, music employers and the music industry

The Music Education Conference is an annual full-day conference presented as part of the Great Escape showcase festival in Brighton each May. Informed by the Pathways Into Music projects, it brings together music educators, music employers and the wider music industr

The conference puts the spotlight on the latest trends and biggest debates in music and music business education, ensuring both educators and employers are fully up to speed with what is happening across the music education spectrum, in schools, colleges, universities and beyond.

It then discusses the crucial role music educators have in supporting aspiring artists in the initial stages of their music careers, helping young creative people as they enter the music industry’s all-important talent pipeline. How can educators better perform this task, what information and resources do they need, and how can the music industry help?

This link between education and industry is core to the conference. We also investigate and champion initiatives that more closely ally music education and the music industry. We look at collaborations around the UK, how they came together, what they involved, how they were funded, and what both sides learned from the experience.

Alongside the case studies and conversations, we also update delegates on the Pathways Into Music Research Programme, sharing insights and results from the work we are doing to map music education, music careers and local music industries.

The Music Education Conference has been running annually since 2018 and will return on Wednesday 13 May 2020. Tickets on sale soon.

The Music Education Conference is one of three conferences presented by CMU at The Great Escape each year. For details of the wider CMU+TGE programme click here.