Pathways Into Music Research

Mapping music industry, music educators and local music industries

The Pathways Into Music Research Programme is mapping music education, music careers and local music industries to help people more easily navigate the educational opportunities available, while also encouraging closer links between music educators and the music industry

There are three main strands to the research…

We are mapping music education in the UK, identifying and defining the different strands of music education and explaining how they fit together. This includes school, college and university based teaching; music hub activity; and community and industry led educational initiatives.

We are also mapping music career routes, defining key steps in the careers of frontline artists, portfolio career musicians, music industry executives and music entrepreneurs. This includes identifying what knowledge people need to progress, and what support is available at each stage.

Finally, we are developing a map of the wider music industry and partnering with organisations around the UK – and beyond – to develop local music industry maps that identify gaps in each region and enable stronger connections between industry and education. .

We will begin publishing regular reports based on the Pathways Into Music research programme in autumn 2019 and will present key findings from each phase each May at the CMU+TGE Music Education Conference.

We are currently looking for companies and organisations interested in supporting this research work by providing insights, data, audience or funding. To discuss supporting this work call 020 7099 9050 or email